SEO – The Future of Your Website

Recently I’ve noticed an increasing number of articles popping up online about SEO. The articles are suggesting that in order to improve search engine rankings you need to employ a series of website tricks and that over time we’ve seen an influx of SEO software, plugins, tools, etc.

This is of course correct in many respects, and I always felt that whatever method of improving search engine rankings you employ on your website you should be 100% sure that it works, works for everyone, and works for everyone else.

The trouble with SEO is that there are no keys, no signposts, no formula one way or the other that dictates how the future of your website is going to be. You just have to have some people work hard, and some people will know how to promote your website the right way.

This is probably the biggest problem for me as I build backlinks to my websites, and at times I see some of the posts I make about SEO being posted on websites that don’t even have related content I can link to.

The other problem is that some SEO posts I make are not really aimed at convincing other people to link to my website, but rather are intended to be Daily TOPIC material for the various social networks, blogs, etc that make up the bulk of my website. I spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all the social networks, so it is trouble for me to try and market my website as I normally would.

So then it is trouble for me to try and make some money out of SEO or make some cash from buying links, and so occasionally I just give up and go and spend time on other things I may not have to.

Also, I just like to make the odd paragraph here and there and put my name next to the post. I understand that is not going to get me anywhere (except perhaps to the bank!) so why to bother!

My name is obviously a very big “pay-off” for people who want to push me for some good rankings, so I’m not about to start putting out slight sincere messages or anything like that, I’m just being silly.

But on the other hand, I have found it very hard to Buying or Selling links on my own websites without Getting A SalesierName.

I’m parading around giving away my e-mail addresses like it’s going out of fashion, and when I do get a salesierName, I always ask them for a list of their websites, so I can give them one on my name, and then they give me the address, and won’t I always get a face-to-face meeting?

That’s nice.

So I just want to say, on my very first day in this whole SEO Social Networking business, that I’m happy I made the commitment to take my online marketing business seriously, because it is a business, and they (the visitors) have to be made once, and put aside when they have money in their pockets, and eventually will come back for more.

Search Engine Optimization is not going anywhere, and it’s not going to be stopped by a few tools or by a few simple techniques, it’s going to be as strong as ever when it comes to improving search engine results, and if you buy the ticket, you get the whole sister.

If you work hard and use the right methods you will get smarter and smarter, and no one gets smarter than you.

I have been online for the last 4 years and I have never used any black hat SEO techniques, and I have not broken the rules, and I haven’t used any company’s private label rights websites to “try” to cheat, and I haven’t made any offers to get links, or done anything that is against Google TOS.

I have regularly updated my websites for visitors, and I have regularly updated anchor text for those who want to accomplish better rankings.

I have not skipped my linking program, and I have not relied on getting links from article directories, or web directories, crammed forum boards with comments that I have made pointing to my websites, and I have not left a single footprint anywhere that could be traced, and I have not posted any links on free message boards that could have been tracked.

I have regularly updated my blogs and have not thrown my sites on the end of the stick, and I have not wondered why Yahoo and MSN have dropped me from their search results, and I have not spent hours and hours wondering what Google is going to do next, and wondered if it is going to ban me from its search results.

It is not because I am not passionate about my websites, or why I could not care less what happens to them, or what happens to me.